Self Driving Formula SAE Race Car

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Formula SAE is an international design and performance competition, organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers. In 2010, REV converted the UWA Motorsport race car from 2001 to a battery-electric vehicle using a dual rear motor drive with an electronic differential. This year The REV Project will be converting the race car to become self driving. Using laser tracking, GPS and cameras the vehicle will drive itself around the track. The initial testing has already been done with drivers collecting track data at the RAC DTEC race center.


Base Vehicle: 2001 UWA Motorsport Car
Drivetrain: Wheel hub motors,
UWA Design
Batteries: 15 ThunderSky Lithium Ion Phosphate LFP90AHA 3.2V
Voltage: 48 V
Capacity: 4.3 kWh
Max current, power: 270A, 13kW
Charging Time: 2 hours (full charge)
Range: TBD
Top Speed: 100 km/h
Seating: 1 passenger, no doors
Curb Weight TBD
Bat. Management:
EV Works

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