The technology exists right now to build vehicles which produce no pollution. This is demonstrated every year by the World Solar Challenge, in which extremely aerodynamic and lightweight vehicles traverse Australia using only the power of the sun’s rays. However, these vehicles are impractical for everyday use and don’t resemble the cars to which we are all accustomed. To be accepted by the public, vehicles powered by renewable energy must demonstrate that they’re both environmentally friendly and comparable in comfort, versatility and performance to “regular” and "performance" cars.

What can we do?
  • Change peoples’ thinking about their means of transportation
  • Make better use of our available renewable energy resources
  • Demonstrate that using renewable energy for transport is viable and an attractive alternative to fossil fuels
  • Increase the efficiency of the technology and Reduce the cost of the technology through more research

Our research might one day be the basis for the technology available in the average home, enabling people to prodcue their own fuel (and more) at nearly no cost. This will provide a kick-start to the electric vehicle industry - the kickstart required to reduce the rates of fossil fuel consumption we experience today.