The REV Project Team - 2009

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bräunl - Project Director
Dr. Kamy Cheng - Project Coordinator Mechanical Eng.
Ken Fogden - Senior Technician
Ivan Neubronner - Senior Technician

Student Manager
Daniel KINGDOM (EE/CE): Student Manager and in-car black box

Drive-by-wire (BMW)
Amar SHAH (Mecx): Drive-by-wire (BMW)
Jonathan WAN (EE): Vision - Driver Assistance
Nicholas RANDELL (Mech): Drive-by-wire
Grace ONG (Mecx): Drive-by-wire
Calin BORCEANU (Mecx): Vision/Embedded Interface
Tom BANASIAK (Mech): Brake-by-wire

Mechanical Design (Lotus)
Bryan TEAGUE (Mech): Drive system mechanics
Christian TIETZEL (Mech): Battery cage design
Daniel HARRIS (Mech): Cooling system
David Caleb TANG (Mech): Weight distribution
Chris HELLSTEN (Mech/CS): Motor sound generation
Tiong Kun OOi (Mech): CAD design
Frans HO ( Mech): Gear box/drive system
David Caleb TANG (Mech): Suspension System
Tim WALLACE (Mech): Cooling/Battery Venting
Adam DOSTER (Mech): Structural Support

Electrical Design (Getz and Lotus)
Cameron WATTS (EE): Vehicle Electrics 12V System
Jason FAIRCLOUGH ( EE): Circuit design
Jack NAY (Mecx): Electric drive
John PEARCE (EE): Solar and charging monitoring
Karri HARPER-MEREDITH (EE): Sound Emulation
William PRICE (Mech): Regenerative Braking
Jennifer BERRY (EE): Regenerative Braking
Wesley WANG (EE): ELectrical installation
Stephen WHITELY (Mecx): Vehicle evaluation
Jon MULLAN (EE): Vehicle evaluation

Instrumentation (Getz and Lotus)
Daksh VARMA (CE): Instrumentation: User Interface
Franz VIERTLER (Mech): GPS and IMU sensor fusion
Colin DICKIE (Mecx): Telemetry, WLAN, 3G
Anne FLINCHBAUGH (CE): Eco instrumentation
Jurek MALARECKI (CE): Power logging
Zhi GUO (CE): Instrumentation
Xin CEN (CE): Instrumentation

Formula SAE E-Motorsport
Marius IVANESCU (Mech): Drive System + Suspension
Ian HOOPER (EE): Wheel-Hub motors and controllers
Peter CORKE (Mech): Suspension
Ivo VEKEMANS (Mech): Battery placement
Andrew MORRIGAN (Mech): Electric drive system/ Motor+Controller
Daniel HARRIS (Mech): Front Motor / Rear Brake Redesign
William CROCK (Mecx): Chassis design
Bobby POWERS (Mech): Front Motor / Rear Brake Redesign
Martin DUFF (Mech): SAE Competition Rules&Regulations
Jonathan ENG (CE): Instrumentation / electrical system